I am a designer and restless adventurer. I apply both visual design, photography, and filmmaking to help engage people to share their stories, spread knowledge and create meaningful impact. 
I graduated from Whitecliffe College of Art & Design in 2014, majoring in Graphic Design. For the past three years, I have been freelancing and working closely with several local and grassroots organisations as well as working in small in-house environments. My projects have ranged from print design, branding, video production, photography, and web design. 
The creative arts will always play a significant role in the way we interact and reflect on our society and various cultural backgrounds. For me, it has been a way of expressing ideas and perspectives in a way that speaks true to me as well as a way of life that has connected me to other creatives, something in which I take great joy in doing.
Despite working primarily as a freelancer I have found that it is through a team that I have achieved my best potential. I have learnt that having an environment to question, develop and collaboratively refine ideas informs greater creativity. The challenges of working both solo and in a team environment ultimately fuel my ambition to do better and maintain a personally high standard in the work that I produce.
Design Experience
Contract designer at Te Whangai Trust / 2018 - current
Assistant designer at Miller’s Coffee Inhouse Studio / 2017 - current
Contract Illustrator at Resilio Studio / 2017
Contract visual designer, photographer and videographer at Wesley Intermediate School / 2016 - 2017
Contract visual designer and marketing assistant at the PETER collective / 2016 - 2017
Contract visual designer, photographer and videographer at Critical. Ltd / 2015 - 2017
Contract visual designer for Auckland Council / 2015 - 2016
Contract visual designer / programme coordinator at Wesley Community Centre, Creative Lab / 2016
Freelance visual designer / 2014 - current
Friends of Design / 2013 Internship: BLACK magazine page mock ups
Whitecliffe College of Art & Design. BFA major in Graphic Design / 2011 - 2014
Volunteer Experience
Production Assistant at Eyes + Ears Productions / 2018
Production Assistant on ‘32 Minutes’ at Blackbird Lost Productions / 2018
Background extra on Asian Men Talk About Sex documentary at Proudly Asian Theatre / 2017
Background extra on Flat 3 Webseries at Flat 3 Productions / 2016
Filmmaker at Story & Heart
Video Licensing Platform
Skills - Proficient in:
Adobe Indesign
Premiere Pro
Microsoft Office
Knowledge in both Mac and PC systems
Knowledge in both Canon, Fujifilm and Sony digital cameras
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